It takes a lot of people to make the food bank go. Below is just a partial list of some of our donors that we would like to thank for helping make possible the service that we give. Included are both our general supporters and our building fund donors.

Thank You To Our Supporters

Thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers. A special thanks go out to our regular supporters of food and finances.

Our mission wouldn’t be served and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without each and every one of the above organizations. Thank you!
Also included is a special thank you to our pet food donors. Thank you!

Thank You To Our Building Fund Donors

We would like to thank our special donors to our new building fund. These include:

These donors have made special donations specifically for the purpose of obtaining, improving or funding our new building. We wouldn’t be able to offer the services that we do at the level that we do without these donors.